Inspired by the Jazz Age, vaudeville, cabaret, history, mythology and folklore, Nicola Milan brings to life weird and quirky characters with bad attitudes and colourful backstories.

From the Vampiress Madame Marielle to the uber snobbish aristocrats The Von Furstenbergs Nicola brings her characters to life writing them each a detailed past and present along with a family tree and eccentric pastimes. She lives by the motto ‘I’m not weird. I’m charmingly quirky’ and inspires her fans of her art to do the same.

Nicola also likes to draw dragons and other mythical creatures and bring stories to life with her illustrations. You can see this work over on her Etsy shop.

In 2014 she published her first fully illustrated cartoon based book ‘Monster-In-Law: A Survival Guide’ which she co-wrote with her mother Judy Davies.

Nicola is also a jazz singer and songwriter with five studio releases and signed to music publishing house ‘Origin Music Publishing’. She performs a riotous blend of jazz, blues, soul and swing mixed with modern grooves and electronic elements with her 7 piece band ‘The Stray Cat Club’.

She splits her time between Perth and London, where she travels to twice a year to perform at various venues. Hear all Nicola’s music, see her music videos and cartoons and keep up with the fun over at nicolamilan.com.